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ATKA SOCK SIZE: 10″-21.5″ Leg Circumference, 9.25-11.25″ Length

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prosthetic sock art
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  • ATKA Sock SIZE: 10″-21.5″

  • Leg Circumference, 9.25-11.25″ Length


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Weight 0.119 lbs

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I had a custom sock made and it looks good and the material is good. I’ve been unable to wear because of my weight at the moment but maybe one day. Sidney has great customer service also.


I love all the products Amputee Socks makes ! I wear my socks over my shrinkers for extra support and warmth. I have socks that are 2 years old and they are in pristine condition. My sockets have custom designs that Sidney designed for me. All the products are excellent quality. Thank you Amputee Sock Prints for all you do.

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