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Why Amputee Sock Prints Was Created?

Printed & Produced in the U.S.A

Amputee Sock Prints was created for those that have encountered the loss of a limb.  Amputees show amazing courage, strength and endurance and AmputeeSockPrints is Not Your average Amputee Store or Amputee Shop.

When a recent family member had one of her legs amputated from below the knee, it shook the whole family. The amazing thing is that it didn’t stop her. With the loss of her leg not only did she say she would walk again, but she has a glow that can’t be put out…and she is 74 years young.

We didn’t see anything like this coming, then realized this is unfortunately a growing trend. There are currently ~2.1 Million amputee’s in the US, increasing 185k per year (growing to 3.6 million by 2050). The majority is caused by diabetes followed by injury. We want to serve all Amputees alike and want Amputee Sock Prints to rise above the Traditional Amputee Store or Amputee Shop.”

So that brings us to why and how Amputee Sock Prints was birthed. When an amputee has such a drive to get up or move on, they should not have to look at a dull colored medical amputee wrap or bandage which is found on many Amputee Stores and Amputee Sites.

There isn’t anything one can do to give that physical part of a person back.   Amputee Sock Prints offers designs that include Inspirational Sayings, Holiday Designs, Funny Characters, Sports Themes, Abstract Designs and More. You can even “Create your own Designs”, that’s right, the “1st Custom Amputee Sock Designer in the world!!”. You Can Upload Pictures of GrandChildren, a Favorite Pet, Loved One, Kids Art from School and so much more.

 So let’s “Heal with Appeal” and Make Amputee Awareness Something Everyone Wants To Be A Part Of.

*Our Amputee Socks/ Amputee Wraps Are Not Medical Socks. They Are Decorative, Offer 3PLY Support and are Wonderfully Comfortable.




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Commonly asked questions

Is This a Shrinker

No, This is Not A Shrinker. These Socks can be Worn On Your Residual Stump or Over Your Shrinker.  Wearing Over Your Shrinker Adds Extra Support and Style, “No More Dull Bandage To Look At:)”.

Are These Pairs

The price is for a single sock, but feel free to order more than one. Who owns just one pair of undies?:) 

Is This for ATKA or BTKA

These Can Be Used For Both. If You Are a ATKA, We Suggest Folding The Top (closest To Hip Are) Under.

Do They Offer Support & What’s The Size

Yes, The Spandex and Nylon Materials make this Sock Perfect for Most Young to Grown Adults.

Sizes:10″ to  21.5″ In Circumference.

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How Do I clean Them

Do Not Bleach
Turn Inside Out
Warm Water Wash
Warm Dry
Hand Wash

What Is The Material

80% polyester , 15% spandex , 5 % nylon
( Polyester is Extremely Breathable and Comfortable)

*Polyester is Not the 70’s Polyester:), This is Micro Poly

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